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Sushi on Plate


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1600 E 8th Ave

Tampa, FL 33605


Phone Number

(813) 242-6688


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About Samurai Blue

Hold on to something. Ybor City's about to explode. A new force has landed on the strip: Samurai Blue, the coolest sushi and sake joint this side of Neo-Tokyo. Led by our fresh crew of prodigal chefs and uncanny culinary minds, we've designed a combustible array of pan-Asian delights with the power to level your perceptions of what good food can do.

Welcome to the new frontier of Neo-Japanese Delicacy. Welcome to Samurai Blue.

The vibe of Samurai Blue lies somewhere between the urban glow of Akira and a lounge swank enough to host the Rat Pack. You might catch the reflection of Speed Racer in the chrome trim, while you sit at our 30-foot sushi bar shaped like a tsunami. Your trip through our 'Hyper-Asian Fusion Menu Style ™' creates a sense of euphoria that will not only cater to sushi connoisseurs but to those that have not yet tamed a sushi palette. Our chefs all walk the path of bushido (way of the sushi knife), which makes certain your culinary experience will dance through imaginative taste combinations and food artistry. And as you back a chilled sake martini, be sure to catch the neon of Tokyo burn from our 40-foot vaulted ceiling.

Samurai Blue: Hotter than Godzilla's radioactive breath, pure enough to fuel a Giant Robot - and that's just the wasabi!

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