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Wine Bottles


Contact Information



1600 East 8th Ave
1st Floor of Centro Ybor facing 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605


Phone Number

(813) 999-4966


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About Ybor City Wine Bar

The Ybor City Wine Bar has brought the ultimate in wine bar experiences to Tampa with our hand-picked reasonably priced boutique wines, an extensive craft beer selection, and a classy and intimate atmosphere.

The enjoyment of wine is about the entire experience, which includes the ambiance of the evening, and the company you keep. Come with your friends and enjoy an evening at the Ybor City Wine Bar. We are located in the front of Centro Ybor, in the heart of the Historic Ybor City area of Tampa, Florida. Your night at the Ybor City Wine Bar will be filled with good times, new friends, wonderful memories, and of course amazing wine. The Ybor City Wine Bar will quickly become a top destination spot with our weekly wine tastings and other special events that you can attend.

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